Process Engineering Supplies Ltd. Suppliers of valves. Solenoid - ball - check - pressure - relief - butterfly - water - check Valves
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Process Engineering Supplies

Process Engineering Supplies ltd was established in 1997
Aiming to supply the industry with competitive prices and good service on process type products.
Products include: Valves,
Pneumatics, hose (chemical and general duty),
PVC and ABS plastic systems,
Stainless steel tube and fittings,
Fasteners (nuts, bolts, etc) in all materials.


Process Engineering Supplies is keeping ahead of development to ensure pace is kept with the growing market demands in automation and technology. The product range includes pumps, pressure and flow switches, and safety valves. With an impressive array of approvals, certain products are suitable for use with natural gas, lpg and, potable water . In addition to the general purpose market particular market segments where we excel are in , chemical, steam , air , heating, irrigation, water treatment etc.
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